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24 year old Male
Last online over 2 years ago
I'm a shy guy that thought I could use some more friends.
Im kinda introverted, and most of my time is taken up by either drawing or video games

I draw very 'cutesy' art, so if you'd like some cute art just ask and ill draw something for yah! I love to draw, so don't be shy to ask.

if anyone wants to get in contact with me easier you can msg me through Kik, Tumblr, Instagram or Discord
KIK: Kylejakob98
Tumblr: http://kamasartblog.tumblr.com
Instagram: kamadoes_stuff
Discord: Kamakazeekyle#6218

I can answer any questions you have about me while we talk, if we do.

(I also play Hanzo/Mcree/Junkrat in overwatch if that important to yah)