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35 year old Male
Last online about 5 years ago
Athens, Greece
Hi. I'm 30 yo, 182cm(or 6,1' tall), I'm more of a muscular-squishy-chubby-lovable-bear type :P .

I love Anime. I treat every person with respect. I love speaking with others about my interests, though some times sometimes it gets little embarrassing, cause I don't really like to talk to much about myself.

I love to hear others people's stories though. I'm a person that finds value when you ask him for help, even if I don't know the answer to all problems, I'll always be there for those I hold dear.

I am a very quite person(most of the time), but there are also times I never stop speaking.

I like teasing people(it has become my hobby of late :P). Though cause my humor is somewhat special, there are times I get misunderstood, and then I might stop speaking at all for the rest of the day, cause I get embarrassed about it.

Generally however, I'm more of an introvert, but I enjoy the company of other people. The only thing about myself that I don't like is that I get easily bored cause of the lose of motivation to do something(that's how I got those extra pounds :( ), and in the same way I've never really put an effort to make my dreams come true.

I'm a cook, but my dream was to draw commisions and concept art and write scripts.

I hope I meet someone special, even if it is behind my screen. A lovelly person that I will care about and want to protect more than anything in the world :) .