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25 year old Male
What do you want me to say about myself?
I go by Nova to all my friends, so please use that.
I'm a transgendered FtM demiboy.
My favorite anime of all time is Eureka Seven and close behind it is Fairy Tail.
I love shounens, but I'm a sucker for romance and "feels" animes, too.
My favorite "feels" anime is AnoHana (close behind it is Angel Beats) while my favorite non-mecha romance is Itazura na Kiss.
A good off-the-wall anime I like is Princess Jellyfish.
I read lots of mangas from BLs to normal everyday mangas. My favorite manga so far is "Voice Over! Seiyu Academy" with "Say I Love You" trailing close behind.
I like yaoi.
I like yuri.
I like hetero.
I like it all!
I also like to play video games, the Final Fantasy franchise being my favorite.
I'm a bit reclusive at first, but aren't we all too a point?
My favorite two voice actors are Bryce Papenbrook (mostly because he plays the ever-so-cool Rin Okumura in Blue Exorcist) and Todd Haberkorn (mainly for his role as Natsu Dragneel in Fairy Tail) while my favorite two voice actresses are Laura Bailey (for her roles as Maka Albarn in Soul Eater and Serah Farron in the FFXIII series) and Mona Marshall (for her voice as Kite in the .Hack series).
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Volunteer. Sep 27-29
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