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Aug 25, 15 at 4:05pm
On which one?
Aug 24, 15 at 5:59pm
I wish she was focused on a little more. Even though she's in the bass section, it's still like she's a secondary character. I was hoping someone had translated the light novels so I could read them, but it seems like they've only just started.
Aug 22, 15 at 9:48am
I know, right? I think she's my favourite too. I'm not 100% though. I loved the way she was always joking around/messing with people. Do you know if it's getting a second season? I had a look on Wikipedia, and it doesn't seem to be. :< Maybe it just hasn't been announced yet.
I still think Manami sucks because she just took all the motivation from Kyosuke, which changed him so much. I disliked her for that very reason, although, Kirino isn't that bad, but she seemed a tad too harsh towards her brother