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Worst Anime Character EVER

Just curious. I encountered this topic at Myanimelist forums and I was not satisfied with the result. Who's your least liked Anime character ever? Mine would probably be Suguha/Leafa(SAO) Others that make my blood boil: Relina Peacecraft(Gundam wing), Winry Rockbell(FMA) , Takayuki and Mitsuki(Kimi ga nozomu eien), Kirino(OreImo)
lol hands down Shou Tucker from Full metal alchemist. Oh Man when I saw that episode of what he did to his daughter.... bruh.... I wanted to kill myself.
Jul 24, 14 at 11:24pm
^it was for the feels :))
Sesshomaru/Sasuke/Hiei/Sephiroth Pick one...they are all the same person.
*****************AOT SNK SPOILERS SPELLED BACKWARDS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE******************************************T**********L*******************O********************T************R**************E****************B*****************
For me it must have been boku no pico I lost faith in humanity after watching 1 min of the ep.... DON'T WATCH IT And oreimo, such a bad anime.. Srsly
OPSS, I thought it said worst anime :p
What? Boku no pico is awesome!!!! Wwww just kidding
Sakura(Unless shes fighting) When she starts her sasuke-kun b.s I just want to punch my screen. All the people in anime that start blabbing on and on about friendship and bonds. All the villains that say the strong win over the weak and how its fate or blah blerh and repeat it. Y u hatin on Oreimo D:
I don't hate oreimo the series I just hate kirino. Why not? lots of people think she's a bitch for ruining kuroneko's happiness. HAIL KURONEKO
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