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27 year old Female
Last online almost 8 years ago
Raven, VA
i want both male and female otaku friends ^_^

i lived in maryland my whole life but recently moved to virginia.

i am fun, adventurous, outdoorsy, love nature, im creative, love cosplay, i am also friends with chris ayres (the voice of frieza). i am also only 5ft tall, have dirty blonde curly hair, and have green eyes that like to change between green, blue and hazel.

my all time favorite anime characters are:
(p.s. i have no idea why the hearts are showing up like <3> lol >_> its weird btw my hearted ones are my favs of the favs, theyre my "if they were real id be all over them" ;b hahaha)

Kyo Sohma <3
Ikuto Tsukiyomi <3
Kukai Souma <3
Usui Takumi <3
Soushi Miketsukami <3
Shiamaru Nara
Kiba Inuzuka
Gaara of the desert
Sasuke Uchiha (up until the end of the chunin exams)
Kirito A.K.A Kazuto Kirigaya <3
Kaoru Hitachiin <3
Prince Zuko
Jimmy Kudo
Kaito Kid
Joey Wheeler
Ash Ketchum (before misty left)
Pikachu (original chubby pikachu hehe)

fun facts: i studied to be an animator and my username is the name of a character i have created i also have a site about an anime i wish to create, if you want to check it out its www.BlackoutPhantasia.webs.com oh and i am learning japanese and wish to live there someday ^_^ i also collect swords :) and love snail mail so if you want to be my snail mail buddy just get to know me then ask ^_^ i even have penpals in japan! X) OH! and i LOVE final fantasy :) my favs are IX, X, X-2

the genres i like to watch most are:

comedy/romance/slice of life
but i also like other genres as well ^_^ like fantasy, scifi, or whatever else :) im pretty well rounded whether it be shoujo, shounen, etc etc etc.
I also love a good incest or "forbidden" love anime ;) and yes i dont mean hentai i mean ANIME theres a difference hahaha

i havnt really finished all on my list i was just trying to add all the ones ive seen. the ones i gave a 10 are my favorites from the list. (im not really a rating person so my favs are 10's the rest are good but i didnt feel like rating them)
it makes me sad to say quite a bit of the anime i watch did not show up in the list :/


Ja Ne \(^_^)
Feb 17-19
Jul 27-29
Feb 15-17
Aug 9-11