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32 year old Male
Last online over 1 year ago
Fayetteville, NC
Other than anime and manga, I enjoy video games(PC and Nintendo Switch), Netflix, tech, and storm chasing. I really want to go storm chasing, I've seen 1 tornado in person a few years ago. It was amazing but short lived. I want to see one up close one day.

I'm also into watching speedruns of video games. I watch every event of Games Done Quick. supergreatfriend is best Let's Player on YouTube.

I enjoy programming but I'm not great. It's just fun to do when I'm motivated.

I have anxiety and depression but who doesn't these days. I'm slowly getting over them though. At least the anxiety, depression likes to kick me in the balls every now and then.

I've never been to a convention. Not because I don't want to but don't have anyone to go with. Never done cosplay but would love to.

I really don't want to fill out the anime list on this site so go to my true list here.