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The fact that I can love this goofball even though I highly value intelligence and should clearly like mister snob Vergil over there, yet mister posessive silly flirt is what makes me blush and tingle makes me both smile and hate my self. If a guy like that irl flirts with me, I will be finished and finish. Thank god such guys dont exist in my country or city so I dont have to blush and stutter, not that dates are the best though...I really wish I could find a guy that could flirt with this awkward funny guy, in the past girls said they would reward a guy if he wins wiht a kiss, now guys tell me about their exes, fetishes and If I had a boyfriend in the span of 15 minutes and make me uncomfortable and they don't even notice how I want to run away. Why is dating so stressful, why can't a guy just listen to make, be a gentleman but also assertive and make me laugh, is it that hard? I honestly feel like I have way too high standarts judging by how most guys seem to lack hobbies and ambitions or have any clear goals in mind in their life and mainly talk about the gym or porn with the girl as if I am one of their friends that would relate. How is dating for yall?
AntaresEedin @antareseedin That's a damn fine Dante ♡ Hell, I'm straight and even my knees would turn to jelly :P