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27 year old Female
Last online almost 8 years ago
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otaku_13 @otaku_13 left a comment for Kimiko
Dec 05, 12 at 7:19pm

hey ^^

SasuNaru @sasunaru left a comment for Kimiko
Jan 21, 12 at 12:09am

i like your boots in you profile pic. where did u get them?

SasuNaru @sasunaru left a comment for Kimiko
Jan 08, 12 at 9:12pm

what up, buttercup? ....nya~n ;3


sup its been awhile. how are things?

AKA_Zero @aka_zero left a comment for Kimiko
Oct 20, 11 at 11:14pm

:D thank you, This place looks like it has a lot of awesome people cX hope to get to know all of them lolz

AlfredoER @alfredoer left a comment for Kimiko
Oct 17, 11 at 12:15am

The first time I went to a convention I also had mixed feelings. I liked the people, but felt that they were selling some items (like swords and some series-related merchandize) at very high prices, which felt unfair after the price I had to pay to enter the convention.

The image that you linked to is definitely in the style of traditional Ukiyo-E, but I can't seem to place it well. From the scene and features it could perhaps belong to the Heian Period. If you base your art from this period you have lots of scenes from the warrior class showing its strength and representations of emperors being abducted. Then again, if you base your art on the later Kamakura period you would have lots of battle scenes from the thwarts of the Mongols invading attacks and images related to the establishment of Zen Buddhism. But yeah, animating such things does seem complex.

As far as other problems that you might have right now all I can say is that things eventually change (ok, not always how or when we want them to).

Oh yeah, and that picture is cool, jaja. There should be some parody ova combining High School of the Dead and Resident Evil. That would be nice.


aw nice pic!

AlfredoER @alfredoer left a comment for Kimiko
Oct 14, 11 at 8:31pm


The corset looks nice. You'll draw attention indeed. How have you been? You mentioned that you were sick, are you ok already? Today is the second day already of the convention right?

I haven´t published much of my work, since its mostly surreal scenes and fantasy landscapes that I use for a VN that I work on my spare time. Here´s an example of what I can do in CG: http://www.xcode.com.mx/ (hit Portafolio>3D ). (Its just a technical demo I did for a company.)

I know the difficulty in finding people to animate a work. In my case its finding people to draw organic things and humans. I can recreate anything in the PC as long as its not a human. If what you are starting is an anime series then I´ll look forward to it. Do you have any plans on how you are going to make the storyboard / key-animation / planes, etc? It´s an enormous task to undertake.

AlfredoER @alfredoer left a comment for Kimiko
Oct 08, 11 at 3:08am

Hehe, I can't draw, but I'm quite good at making CG and 3d renders. If you start your web series please share the link, I would like to see that.

You mentioned that you are picked out an outfit, what are going as?

CasioMaker @otacon85 left a comment for Kimiko
Oct 07, 11 at 8:52pm

Oh! Recipes!

Hmm... if you like meat, I'd recommend you to try something from my country (Chile) named "Empanadas". I know that other countries in SouthAmerica have their own version, but Chilean-styled empanadas are my favourite.

Here's a link on a somewhat-easy version to try: http://southamericanfood.about.com/od/snacksstreetfood/r/empanadaschile.htm

Hope you like it!