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Last online over 1 year ago
Hey! I'm a tech-geek in California. Enjoy some outdoor stuff(water esp!), gaming(computer, board, card... all fun!), and crafts! Anime/manga too ofc. My watchlist on here is just highlights--I've never kept tack of the absurd amount I've watched over the years...

Been in silicon valley the last decade or so, went to SJSU, workin' in Santa Clara now, spoopy shift atm. Lived in Cali basically my whole life. Been to Fanime 2008-2018, currently aiming to go out and see other cons. Also been to Sac Anime once... Comiket Winter JP once. Fun stuff. Late night gaming hall resident. :D

I'm a chatty bugger, be warned(or better yet welcomed)! Lotta shenanigans I've dabbled in over the years.

Dunno! Who are ye?