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25 year old Female
Last online almost 5 years ago
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Requested friend as you have many common anime
keinto @keinto left a comment for kaileybug16
Jul 01, 18 at 12:04pm
Yo. Let me just say that I also like terror in resonance. It is a couple of years ago, and I really liked it. Very underrated anime. What are other of your favorite animes? Mine is Gurren Lagann.
Dec 07, 16 at 6:56pm
Hey there! whats up!? (:
Aug 10, 16 at 6:37am
Hey do you check your Facebook. I sent a friend request. Maybe we can talk some anime there.
Aug 05, 16 at 7:02pm
Hey girl, I did not mean to run you off. Hope we can talk some more soon? :(
Jul 31, 16 at 2:54pm
Hey Kaileybug I really like your glasses. Hope all is going good for you. I really like the St Augustine area. Lots to do and places to eat. I would have to find some names of the places I like to go to. I know one little restaurant tucked in one of those little "indoor plaza" in downtown St Augustine that is really cool. I would like to talk more. Maybe if I could email you some how. I don't know if they delete emails if I leave one. How about buffalonian1971. It would be an outlook address. Hope to hear from you I am currently watching Asterisk War right now, pretty fun. I really hope to hear from you. Take care.
Feb 27, 16 at 5:07pm
Hi kaileybug16! Where in FL are you going to school? If it was UF, I'm sure they would have an Anime group. Hope all is cool with you and hope to chat soon.
klausiboy @klausiboy left a comment for kaileybug16
Jan 06, 16 at 3:10pm
Hey, sorry I took so long to answer your friend request (Have no idea how long it actually took, since it doesn't say anywhere when you sent it .__.) I haven't been active for a long while ^^' Hope it's alright :3
stoudbaker @stoudbaker left a comment for kaileybug16
Jan 03, 16 at 12:36am
its all good.life happens :)what kinda of christmas presents you get?