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27 year old Male
Last online almost 2 years ago
New Orleans, LA
Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 6526 2620 5073!

Name: Dominick

Favorite Color: Green

Fav Show: FLCL

Favorite Food: Giant Sushi Roll!!

Favorite Passtime: Scenic Locations

Sports: they ight lol Making $$$ :D

Favorite Video Game: Hexen or P.T can't really decide on that one... Dam Kojima

Likes: Engagement, I love shy Individuals.. you literally care the most and no one sees that. I can see both sides of the perspective, which is why this is the path for me <3

Dislikes: Rudeness or disrespect of any kind

Desires: Learning Everyday, Freedom of expression & companionship- this one literally translates into beautiful souls who will travel the world with me eating a hell of a lot!

Update Jan 7 2020** - I am very outgoing, if you’re shy and can’t handle someone being honest & straightforward I still would like you to message me, mainly looking for optimistic souls to create a unit with ^_^ but open to anyone’s messages. To be clear lol if I add you more than likely I’m interested and would like to see if you’re ok with having dope anime girlfriends and me being your king to explore different cultures, career paths, Expos and more! ^_^ Dope adventures and plenty of food is the goal!!! :)