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19 year old Female
Last online about 2 months ago
Corsicana , TX
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May 29, 19 at 10:42am

hi! how are you?

‍Animekid @animekid left a comment for kriscosplays
Apr 25, 19 at 10:30am

Thanks for the request

Apr 24, 19 at 4:25pm

Well anyways i hope you enjoy your stay here on the site, hmu if you need anything. I'll see ya later.

Marcus @marcus_k left a comment for kriscosplays
Apr 24, 19 at 3:42pm

yo! thanks for the request

Apr 24, 19 at 2:34pm

Im actually legal and still dont drink XD im just happy they even invited me out tbh

Apr 24, 19 at 12:38pm

Lmfaoooo mood im usually at home most the time, wasting my life away tbh XD someone invited me to come hang out and drink with them which is like the first time in like 21 years that has happened >.>

Apr 24, 19 at 12:09pm

I mean if a girl wear make up for a special event and she looks all nice with her hair done and everything i cant even be mad imma just say "fuck it up sis" but those people that wear it everywhere? This aint it chief.

Apr 24, 19 at 11:51am

I was just joking, the military is strict enough. i wouldnt dare work a job like that XD deadass alot of girls look a million times better without make up on but thats none of my business lol

Apr 24, 19 at 11:24am

You are a woman of culture i see, i dont get how people wake up at 4 when school is at 7 just to do their make up. My ass would would just sleep in tbh XD i mean same but it would be cool to be like some sort of super hacker for the government or something. Most likely wont happen but hey im gonna go for it anyway

Apr 24, 19 at 11:01am

Lmfao nahhh im not that smart i mean every now and then i fix my computer when it messes up and i feel like a genius but honestly im doing it for my current job rn. Lmfao XD you must be showing up to school with your eyebrows on fleek or something if you are good at it.

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