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Feb 16, 17 at 11:03pm

So, I'm engaged now! She found me on and we are aiming for June 20th 2017! Yay love!

Jan 01, 17 at 3:03am

Happy New Year! Let it be a good one!

cloud87 left a comment for jariesuicune
Dec 27, 16 at 6:24pm

So you know on a another site or 2 i asked I'm in love with import games should i hide this about me or i think i am in love with import games,yes I'm including Japanese games too as well if you want you may answer that question too as well only if you want to

& thanks for responding 1 of my questions about import games though :).

Dec 16, 16 at 12:08am

I need a new profile picture... that's 8 years old. Maybe I should just use my regular Sirnight image, from Facebook?

jariesuicune Ok, changed it. Totally not real me, but it's up to date in some sense, I guess.
jariesuicune Funny, using my Xbox Avatar basically says a lot about me... even if no one else gets why. ^_^;
Jan 26, 15 at 10:12am

First comment... by me. -_-;

I love books, anime, games, music, life, the color blue (pink gets a close second for matching well with blue).
I love Japanese... for being Japanese. It's a great language! Not that I'm a master of it, yet. I still have lots of vocabulary missing and Kanji blocks me down a lot. But I can often read/hear Japanese and understand a fair bit if not most/all. Except for when I don't, and turn to translation help.

Tamamo_no_mae Try learning some Chinese - that's what I did first. Once you get the Chinese vocabulary and Hanzi (Chinese word for Kanji) then Japanese will be considerably easier - as Han Chinese and Japanese have around a 30-40% vocabulary continuity. Chinese also fills the gap with regards to grammar since Chinese grammar is far easier to get than Japanese. Nowadays I can understand some Japanese and speak a fair bit of the simple stuff easily.
jariesuicune I get that suggestion a lot. I just... don't care about learning Chinese (which is a bit frustrating, with all the neat stuff), or additional Kanji for that matter. My Japanese proficiency is such that I already can speak/listen/read most things just fine (I read my manga in Japanese, imported, and watch my anime in the RAW; no subs, absolutely no dubs, for me). If anything... it's Korean I kinda lean a bit more towards if I were to add another language... despite also no real interest there, annoyingly.
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