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Sup lovers of Chinese Girl Cartoons!

I'm an older anime fan who isn't a fat creepy neckbeard that's been watching anime from Vampire Hunter D to Robotic;Notes. In other words, I've always been there. I also love collecting figmas, Beach Queens, and looking to expand into Nendoroids (when money permits it).

I'm also a fun-loving guy who has been co-hosting two panels at Anime Central for the past 5 years or so (I've also attended every ACEN, if that's of any relevance). I would be the raging Yang to my co-hosts sobering Yin (AKA I'm the drunk and rowdy one). Hell, I even do cosplays. Not good ones, mind you, but I still cosplay nonetheless. It's like a 2nd Halloween in the year.
Also a beer snob, disorganized writer, unmotivated artist, lover of Yume Nikki, and aspiring musician with zero potential.

Unlike other old-schoolers, I keep up with the anime seasons. So send me a message and let's talk shop :3
Panelist. May 20-22
Panelist. Apr 27-29
Panelist. May 17-19
Panelist. May 16-18