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35 year old Female
Last online about 10 years ago
About Me:

My name is Sarah and I am definitely crazy. So if you don't like that, you may not like me too much. ^_^ So I'm pretty random and have an unhealthy obsession with Inuyasha. But I love a lot of different anime. I just recently finished the whole series of Higurashi: When They Cry and the other two series that go with it. I've recently started to read the manga of it as well. I also finished Toradora and Rosario Vampire. I have an obsession with manga, too! I read a lot of it. Besides that, I love listening to music, reading, making AMVs, writing, and hanging out with people. I'm pretty much game for anything fun, as long as I don't have to kill anyone. *giggles* So if u ever want to talk, I'm free a lot of the time. I love to meet new people.