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25 year old Female
Last online almost 7 years ago
im kind, caring, weird (very weird). im a girl but i feel im realy a boy ^_^' srry. ive been lonley latley since my friends never have time for me and i still dont got a BF or GF T_T i prefer guys more (bi or gay since im hoping to get enough money and change my gender). but im sure no one wants to know that XD (lol too late) the best way to describe myself is that im a mix of Grell Sutcliff, Undertaker, Kagome, Brock, Alois (just a tiny bit X3). well theres alot of them so i'll just stop there.

if you wana talk just send mail me ok? normaly im too nervous to send mail so if you wana talk then mail me XD

plus if you want, i also got a youtube acount, lol you see my fav vids there XP "grave rober at large" is epic XD