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23 year old Male
Last online about 1 hour ago
A bit on and off on here, a lot more active on other places but I do check in on here kinda weekly. I go by Remfast or Remmy online, whichever you'd prefer to use.

Quick about me:

Just a fan of anime/games for a long time because of my upbringing, now trying to balance time for my hobbies and studies/work. I'm currently studying my 3rd year of pharmacy in University and working part time at a pharmacy~ Not here much looking for a relationship, prefer just finding people with similar interests and make friends. I am a big fan of many JRPG games especially but I do also play other games, like party games with friends. My anime taste is honestly anything, but I enjoy comedy anime a lot lately~ If I had to pick just one all time favourite anime, I'd have to say Monster.

Also enjoy psychological and mystery anime, but they are pretty few and far between these days when it comes to being good :c

In terms of favourites for games, I love the entire Final Fantasy franchise (wish I could play 16), Persona series, KH series, NieR games, Kiseki-series, the Yakuza games, Xenoblade... Honestly almost every JRPG series there is.

PS: Currently raising a lil' puppy so if you'd like to see some puppy pics feel free to ask c: