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31 year old Female
Last online about 4 years ago
New York, NY
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tokidoki @tokidoki left a comment for ichigomomo
Sep 17, 17 at 9:39pm


chiwahwong @chiwahwong left a comment for ichigomomo
Aug 20, 17 at 6:15pm

Hey I'm in NY too! We can hangout!

darkcroc @darkcroc left a comment for ichigomomo
Oct 18, 16 at 10:30am

Hello there pleased to meet you :)

Aug 17, 16 at 9:22pm

You going to the anime con this weekend in New York?

ichigomomo @ichigomomo Sorry I missed your message. The last Con I went to was Liberty Anime con in Times Square. I didn't love it though.
Aug 02, 16 at 11:17pm

Hello ^_^ Idk why But I feel like I've met you somewhere before. You look super familiar to me...

Jun 18, 16 at 7:07am

Hey what's up it's been a while do daying hi

hakureioni @hakureioni left a comment for ichigomomo
Sep 26, 15 at 6:35pm

That's a good anime, I still have to catch up on the second season though. If you like that style of anime, with multiple characters having their own story that make up a larger story, I strongly recommend Baccano. It's done by the same guy who made Durara but it's set in prohibition era NY.

Also if you're still looking for comic-con tickets, I may be able to help you. I have a friend who bought 4 and may be selling the other 3.


Hey All,

I don't see anyone else doing this here so if this is breaking any rules I apologize but if I am aloud to ask this here, then I was hoping someone out there would have a 2015 NYCC pass for 3 days to sell. I would prefer it at the retail price of $75 but I am willing to negotiate another price if need be.

hakureioni @hakureioni left a comment for ichigomomo
Sep 23, 15 at 11:37am

Hey nice to meet you. Have you seen any good anime recently?

Sep 07, 15 at 8:14pm

Hey sorry i havent been here for a while. how have you been?