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52 year old Male
Last online over 10 years ago
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meow =^-^=~ @meow left a comment for ice_wolf1
Apr 09, 13 at 9:28pm
things have been crazy here too
Happiegal @happiegal left a comment for ice_wolf1
Apr 07, 13 at 9:43pm
at night is when I'm mostly free since I go to school and work in the morning and durring the day
Happiegal @happiegal left a comment for ice_wolf1
Apr 05, 13 at 10:39pm
nice to meet you 2.
I've always been wondering if single females do go to cons to find a significant other. It seems to me that most girls go to cons just as a hobbie. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that's bad. But take me for instance. I'm an otaku first and formost. (I freely admit it because I don't care). I do have other interests. It's just that clearing the otaku gamer hurdle always seems to be the most difficult that even females there don't want to find out the other stuff. Which is making it hard to find that special significant other at cons. Well with that aside, is anyone going to NDK Denver? If you'ld like to meat just let me know. Would like to have other friends other than my usual group to hang out, talk with, and maybe meet that special otaku girl. :-)
Jan 02, 13 at 3:24am
Just thought I'd give a hello to everyone. I'm new here, looking for friends to chat with and of course maybe that special significant other.
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