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Last online 11 months ago
Learned that not everyone reads my bio anyways and continues to ask questions about stuff that I already covered on this whale oil beef hooked

Hello! Hold onto your dookie it’s about to get spookie! xD no don’t I am just checking this out I am using my phone so I hope that’s not too much of a problem

About me?

Might as well be looking for friends who are into similar interests would like to be more invested into anime I suppose since I am here and seem to lack of many shows it was a thing with my older siblings but they live their own lives now so *shrugs*
Really terrible at these sorta things by those close to me I’ve known to be mean, rude and off putting with a terrible attitude lol especially when meeting new people so I will try to contain myself to a limit. If I’m comfortable enough around someone I get shy or tense up though! Strange right? So I am kinda scared to be here. lol
I do love playful banter and sarcasm I can get vulgar sometimes so I hope no one will mind
I enjoy having my daily dose of coffee now that I think about it I may have ditched my love for tea for it poor tea but I do have tea …. Sometimes?
I have seem to run out of things to put down I will have to add more later about myself…..


I grew up watching weird cartoons on tv lol like really weird…. bromwell high, Ed edd and eddy, kappa Mikey(I honestly thought kappa mikey was this weird thing my mind made up until I saw it rerun years later) , futurama, trippin the rift,cybersix, undergrads, delta state(I really loved PhillipxD), skyland etc undergrads probably the most I can remember I still quote some random things from it lol “your mom doesn’t even know your own name” “Dan it isn’t funny” “fuck yea it is” Dan continuing to laugh always cracks me up xD fav scene
Then came across Death Note, Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Inuyasha with the older ones didn’t think too much of it until years later when I remembered seeing few episodes from those shows so I searched them up only to discover they are anime and that’s literally how I came to find them again and that they were still into them lol
I occasionally watch them here and there considering what catches my attention. I still prefer to read than watch anything not to mention my fav site to watch anime on is now down so I have to actually pay now xD
If I had to choose my fav anime is Natsuyuki Rendezvous <3


I love to read! It is a daily thing especially webcomics! Many were originally novels and are being recreated into webcomics is pretty cute …. Highly obsessed with royal reincarnations and historical themed ones (reading too many of these lately!! so many that I remember the story but not the name so I hope to find those that are ongoingxD) I do read manga and other sources but not as of lately it has been a while :)

Just a few webcomics/novels I have been reading lately
Descent of a demon master
Princess in the rough
Solo leveling
True beauty
The beginning after the end <3
I love yoo
The villainess reverses the hourglass
I am the real one
Who made me a princess
More more more many more<3

Random bits?
I like to spend money on things I don’t need lol
I am the youngest in my family
I do have a roll of belly fat T-T I workout but it returns after some good meals <3 it’s an off and on sort of things
If I sell a shopping cart to you would you buy it?
I spend hours laughing at memes or stupid videos I come across the scariest things sometimes so if I have to see cursed things and we are chatting you will have to see it too I do like sharing some funny ones too
Disney cruelllaaaaaaloveeee
Stupid movies
Being lazy
Being a bully just like bully maguire
I am very family oriented my two best friends are my older siblings <333
I would like some recommendations on what to watch since I’m taking a break from a heart breaking tv show T-T the trauma still resides