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Oh god finally, couldn't wait to get rid my ps4. The MHW team really likes these short-notice announcements. Options menu looks good so far. Hopefully keybinds like mb4/5 etc are supported. And, of course, transferring saves won't be too bothersome - That's what's worrying me the most I think. Unfortunately cross play has been confirmed to not be a thing, although expected. I'm hyped all over again.
Sep 23, 17 at 7:27pm
Unfortunately not planned for Switch afaik. XBone, PS4 initially and then a few months(If I remember correctly) later comes the PC release. I'm really hyped for it. Looks very promising. I hoped to get in on the demo they had open at gamescom this year, but unfortunately waiting 6 hours in line just wasn't possible for me and I only got to watch a little.