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*sniff* How cruel panda! *sniff* T_T
Neko-chi™ @yunoxyukki left a comment for hai
Aug 26, 15 at 5:00pm
oh no i dont lol i just knew he liked miku so i posted the pic
Lily O'Malley @lilyomalley left a comment for hai
Aug 26, 15 at 7:30am
Thanks for the friend request! Nice to meet you! ʕ•ᴥ•`ʔ
Feb 07, 24 at 4:15pm
When the other shows mutual interest and takes the effort of contacting you when they miss you. or initiate a hug of their own.
Feb 07, 24 at 4:10pm
Mhh, honestly it's a bucket list and its a chain reaction. My early childhood was chaotic, in my teens i suffered emotional neglect. That made me never feel like i fitted in so i just did things on my own. I tried reaching out and going on dates but often feel my interests just don't allign with theirs. I cooked, toke them out for picknicks, went to museums, lost weight, etc. But noticed i always was the one that had to initiate and pull the cart. Eventually i got the feeling i just wasn't good enough for some. and at this point i feel like i'm just lagging behind on the romance department and would have to find someone understanding and patient to actually form a connection.