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38 year old Male
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Cincinnati, OH
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eand0802 @eand0802 left a comment for gutsrage
Aug 04, 15 at 10:24pm
Hello, Thanks for the add!!
xxkanata @xxkanata left a comment for gutsrage
Jul 01, 15 at 12:52am
^^" Yeah I'm kind of really big on Manga, I started collecting volumes pretty early on and now I just keep expanding the collection. ^.^
I haven't seen WataMote, but I heard it's a good series.
Yay! I loved Juri and Koto as well. They are very interesting characters. Also, I love to talk about anime with people. It's so much fun! Yes, I have seen the second season of xxxHolic. The story gets real very quick. It's a shame the second season didn't make it to the US, I think it could have been a hit. I would love to add it to my anime collection, but it may never happen. :( Shugo Chara is worth finishing. Keep it up! If you'd like to watch more cutesy anime series, I know quite a few that are similar to Shugo Chara. AMV's are a great source to find excellent anime, I agree. It's exciting to watch an anime at random to discover a new love for a series.
Yes! I am happy you recognized my xxxHolic and Yu Yu Hakusho cosplays. Not many people know those characters. As for the purple wig outfit, it's just a random thing I put together out of boredom, but the necklace is from Shugo Chara, an adorable anime series. Ha-ha. :P
liltakame @liltakame left a comment for gutsrage
Nov 02, 14 at 6:53am
I know how that goes with animes. I look at someone else list and see one and I instantly like, "How could I foget that one?"
Oct 07, 14 at 3:18pm
Been watching anime for a long time and still love it. I haven't put in every anime I've seen, some I can't remember the name of and it would take too long.