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Dec 05, 20 at 8:21am
1 Man Manzai: DUngenMans Is A Co-Op Game PART 2 Bero and James are sitting at the table thinking how to start a game James: *long sigh* Ehhhhh.....Ok...Soo...How do we even start this with just two of us here? Bero: *thinking* Hmmm...I have an idea James: *sigh* ahhhh..sure,what? Bero: I can call my friends James: Wait so you have friends? O.o ? Bero: For sure James: But I was thinking that you dont...ahhh never mind,go on call them Bero: *Starts to call on phone* *music starts on James phone* : "Dam Dam Dam I wanna be the very best..." James: *answer the phone* Yes Person on the phone: *In deep voice* Its me we need you at the table somewhere here hurry! James: Who is this?Thats scary... (゚Д゚;) James: Somewhere here? (゚Д゚;) James: Thatsss..what exactly kinda location is that supposed to be? --.-- Person on the phone: *In deep voice* I dont know where exactly...this asshole kidnapped me in the middle of my sleep and dragged me to this table James: Kidnapped you?What do you mean with that dragged you here YOU WERE ALREADY HERE WHEN I CAME! ( ゚Д゚) Bero: ... James: ... James: Bero? 눈_눈 Bero: ... Bero: ...Wrong number sorry James: WRONG NUMBER MY ASS! YOU ARE NEXT TO ME SO WHY ARE YOU EVEN CALLING ME ON THE PHONE?AND WHATS UP WITH THAT DEEP VOICE ( ゚Д゚) Bero: *in deep voice* Idk Bero: * indeep voice * because you are my friend,arent you? James: Ohhh ._. James: aww thats nice to hear...Yeah,for sure...but please stop with that deep voice thing (´∀`•) Bero: The best friend i would say James: Well,thanks dude (/ε\) Bero: For sure James: (/ε\) Bero: (^v^) James: (/ε\*) Bero: Ok..ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT! James: ⊙▂⊙ Bero: *in deep voice* I need to call my other friends , you know my real friends James: But i was your best friend a moment ago...and again with that deep voice ╥﹏╥ Bero: *in deep voice* That was In a past long,long ago James: that was a minute ago,past in that is almost non existent,and why are you still using that deep voice I can see you clearly ╥﹏╥ James: Wait,What do you mean with that "other friends"? ఠ_ఠ Bero: You know other guys i meant to call so we can start the game James: THEN WHY DID YOU CALL ME?AND WHY ARE YOU WASTING OUR TIME? (# ゚Д゚) Bero: ... James: "boiling with anger") (# ゚Д゚) Bero: Idk...I forgot...TeeHee (๑- ᴗ˂̵)و James: TeeHee (๑- ᴗ˂̵)و MY ASS!!! (ʘдʘ╬)
Mar 09, 20 at 1:40pm
1 Man Manzai: DUngenMans Is A Co-Op Game PART 1 James: Ok Lets play Some DUngenMans Bero:Ok... James:so how many players do we have Bero: 2 James: Ok...What?But we need 4 players for a full party...and bero I can only see one person here...you Bero: Well yeah James: So tell me...how is that 2...Bero? Bero:Well you and me James: I am Storyteller not a player Bero Bero: Hmmm......Well i have two hands so two players James: That...doesnt work like that --.-- Bero: But I am sure i can play 2 players by myself James:That is kinda sad ._. James:Well...If we dont have nobody else i guess...i guess you can be 2 players but we need 4 so... Bero: I can play 3 three players too James: ...what?how? Bero: And I can play 4th player...with my le... James: NO YOU CANT! Bero: and my hair... James: WHAT ARE YOU NOW?YOKAI? Bero: And my eye... James: Exactly how?You are scaring me now O.O Bero: i can shoot lasers from my eye James: So you are not even a human? O.o Bero: I am...but sometimes i wish i can do that James: WHO CARES!!! (,,#゚Д゚)
Jul 01, 20 at 3:19am
I practice and analyze Art way to much...I should be enjoying just drawing more......Well back to resarching then...
Forcing something/being forced( and yeah sure i hate star wars...its not even that good...ok maybe dramatic lightsaber duels are...but STOP!,stop it with the damn cliches,nobody gives a shit -__-)