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Melancholy Howl

24 year old Female
Last online over 4 years ago
Santa Cruz, CA
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Principality @rankedone left a comment for Melancholy Howl
Principality @rankedone
Apr 12, 16 at 12:43am

Hey came to apologize. I really was in a bad mood. And I'm sorry

Daggera @daggera left a comment for Melancholy Howl
Mar 15, 16 at 11:55am

Hello and thank you for the friend request, I hope you are having a good day.


yeah its weird x.x the manga was....tolerable at best, the anime is just creepy x.x

i knowww Dx and most of it is hidden behind moe (mai-hime), or comedies like inuyasha cx

no but arrietty is on my list cx as is tokyo godfathers cx

im watching kaze no stigma atm c:

Van2587 @van2587 left a comment for Melancholy Howl
Mar 01, 16 at 1:37pm

Check your private messages :o


di gi charat is lmost creepy @.@ its chibi characters with adult voices x.x its super childish tho xD

nice cx i just love watching character development, and the darker anime tend to rely on it as a plot tool cx

i like realllllllly cute ones (like ponyo <3 ) or ones with fully fleshed out characters, and a deep, moving storyline. if it doesnt have a good story, then it needs to be chaotic and dark

Van2587 @van2587 left a comment for Melancholy Howl
Feb 09, 16 at 10:10pm

Glad to see you back :)


i was just looking at your profile x3 sailormoon and cardcaptors is why i like anime now cx my tastes have gotten darker since (think elfenlied or paranoia agent, or even inuyasha after you strip the humor from it) but i pretty much like anything that isn't overly childish (di gi charat for example c: )


Hey there I am new in town and I was reading your profile and it spake some interest, message me if your interested to. Also I live California as well.

Shrade5040 @shrade5040 left a comment for Melancholy Howl
Shrade5040 @shrade5040
May 13, 15 at 10:02pm

hello there x3!


your name is very deceiving :0

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