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23 year old Male
Last online 3 days ago
Reading, United Kingdom

Hello Everyone, my name is Jack, I am usually quite reserved but if we stumble across the right topic i can talk for hours, though i am doing my best to talk more anyway..it hard xD

As for what Anime i like, i have watched too many to list but then again my memory is awful i can't remember a lot off the top of my head

My absolute favourite is One Piece no doubt this is one of the subjects i can go on about for hours so that's a good one for me to talk about.

I'm a major gamer at heart i'll play almost anything. My favourites are:
obviously Huniepop (just kidding...seriously i'm joking)
Total war: Warhammer 2
Risk of Rain 2
aaaand a bit of minecraft...how can you not love it

Favourite music:
i'm a big fan of rock and alt rock, sometimes metal, it really depends, and i occasionly listen to a bit of kpop, jrock nad such.
oh and AuntyDonna's comedy album because they are hilarious.

Aaaand finally i love my books, id love to own every book ever but i might be juuuust short on space to store them.

IF you read all that thank you very much for taking some time to do so and i apologize for the immense amount of writing...i sometimes go overboard with it.