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40 year old Male
Last online about 2 years ago
Los Angeles, CA
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Jun 02, 17 at 8:27am
This account has been suspended.
. @mkathrin left a comment for erick_of_hyrule
Feb 05, 16 at 8:47pm
You're welcome, have a great day tomorrow :)
merry x-mas every1
http://i.imgur.com/7dbMWNk.gif near the forum
Meh, guess this cant hurt xD. Male 31 yrs old. Latino From LOS ANGELES Intro: Pretty easy going guy, chill, slow to anger, easy to please, im a kick ass uncle :D, Tall, im 6'3". Hobbies: fishing camping, exploring new eateries ( especially where sushi is concerned, Games (Destiny, everything ZELDA, monster hunter, skyrim, fallout 4, street fighter 4 (waiting for 5)etc). What i do for a living: Im a Nurse, a Detox nurse to be exact, i work in a Rehab house helping those who've hit rock bottom piece their lives back together, at least that what the brochure says xD. When i dont work, im spending my monies on all the cool stuffs, like gadgets :D also, i get to workout at work which is pretty cool. Music, reading materials, and movies: I love hitting the movies as much as i can, at home i just netflix xD. Im watching walking dead atm (catching up), random animes that catch my eye, LOVE FUTURAMA (fav animation), LOVE ONE PIECE (but i rather read this one). also started reading Fire Brigade of Flames and Smoking parade. as far as music, i love punk, metal and pretty much anything with an electric guitar, Bands of note: Bad religion, rancid, Megadeth, The cure, etc. There's more, just ask Im down to talk if u'd like to get to know me, hmu. I dont bite, unless that's ur thing ;)