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35 year old Male
Last online 6 months ago
Hi, like all of you I'm an Otaku, 27 but everyone tells me I don't look my age and look younger. I'm here to try and get a girlfriend hopefully and make friends.

I'm into anime (duh), manga, video games, fan fiction, day dreaming, air-soft and quite s few other hobbies that might surprise you, ask and I'll tell you more.

I'm new to cosplay and working on one and in the process of brainstorming another. Other than that I'm pretty open minded and willing to give anything a try once, maybe twice.

I pride myself as a gentlemen, so in short I'm a guy who treats a lady like a lady. I like to take things slow, but I will be honest I can be somewhat shy. I'm a very good listener and have been known to help people with most problems they have. I'm playful, and I'm been told by my English Prof. that I'm witty and have a rye and dry sense of humor, also love sarcasm. I'm very honest and prefer to say things as they are. I Like to think I'm a romantic and kind. I'll take you out to nice and cool places, but I also really like the idea of just enjoying the night somewhere comfy and enjoy each others company with a movie.

As for what I'm looking for in a girl.....
I'm looking for someone that's an Otaku (duh). We don't have to like all the same series and stuff but having some in common is a plus. I'd like her to be honest, maybe shy (hey I find it cute), kind, fun, likes to chat, play video games, a good listener. As for looks, all I really hope for is a very nice set of eyes and sorry if it makes me sound like too much of a guy but some nice legs :P (DON'T JUDGE ME! lol). Oh and no drugs or smoking. Drinking is fine.

I'm looking for a relationship, hopefully if we click, long term, and maybe more than that if we truly like each other. If not, then I can always use more friends.

Well I guess that's it, if their is anything else you would like to know, just ask, happy to answer. ^ ^ If I seem like someone that might interest you, drop me a message or write on my wall, don't be shy. ^ ^

P.S. I'm a Brony. Won't push it on you if you don't like it, so I'm willing to leave that subject alone if it's....not something you care for if that's putting it lightly, lol
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