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35 year old Male
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Sure we could swap fb for now. Although ill get u the link tomorrow. I'm a head to bed early for once lol night
I wish I was a stocker retail costumers aggravate me lol.I actially had a good day I worked with nice people for once. I keep posting replies on my own wall lol
Yay work. I love spice and wolf I own the series I'm always rewatching it and lol I change the pic from time to time I'll prob change it soon to my new obsession akame ga kill. So how was your first day of work?
Yeah I was listening to the ending of spice and wolf and got wolf fever
Your fine my net just came back lol but I gotta sleep sure we can talk more tomorrow err later lol sleep well
I'm saving to move out but will use the money for anime next in new jersey if I can't move out lol.IT WAS FOR anime next.. Its cheaper to fly to NY and take the train that fly to Newark plus more fun since I take the train with friends. Cool I seriously need to watch that Netflix series my dad said it was good. I'm trying to write an original story about an apocaliptic future where demons and creatures of myth now roam the earth a dream was the inspiration but getting it into story format it's hard
Well im trying to see how to budget for the con imbtrying to go next year toI and I want to do two different cosplay. i know I was in NY last month people stopping in the middle of nowhere was aggravating lol.rest of my day was pretty good watch anime and scribbled a few ideas for a story. How was your rest of day?
Yeah. I need my net to cosplay hunt oh and yeah mickey land it's a pain dealing with tourists and working at a place that never closes like the airport
Sorry. I work retail at the airport and no your fine there's thunderstorms here in Orlando and my net its not working so I'm using mobile ugg
Annoying lol big bosses at work so I couldn't listen to music at the store today and its been deaad.how bout you
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