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21 year old Female
Likes: Males
Last online 5 months ago
Orlando, FL
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timmyginger left a comment for elizabetha5622
Jul 08, 19 at 1:30pm

Hey I love your outfit in your profile pic. How much did those heels cost, they look really awesome. Lol

Jawabro left a comment for elizabetha5622
Jun 30, 19 at 8:35am

Hello I am very bored too. Pls kill me. Lol

viktorfehnrich left a comment for elizabetha5622
Jun 16, 19 at 1:14am

Hallo! so we are both the same age so lets be friends n.n

ps. soft boi

chimerayuri left a comment for elizabetha5622
May 19, 19 at 12:08am

Candy Boy and Doujin works? That’s some pretty old stuff. I remember watching those when they came out. Very cool

sadnlonelytenshi old? old? you think thats old? try watching Ranma 1/2, or Sorcerer Hunters, Saber Marionette J, Outlaw Star, Slayers, or Cowboy Bebop? all except Outlaw Star have the very awesome voice actress/singer Megumi Hayashibara
chimerayuri I have seen all those. Plus Utena and Cyberteam in Akihabera. Hand Maid May, Please Teacher/Twins. Oh My dear Marie is classic too
Delete left a comment for elizabetha5622
May 18, 19 at 10:51am

Fashion shop might be good.

May 18, 19 at 10:28am

Hello! suggest me job for working i'd like to start to work.