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Last online almost 2 years ago
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rodrick1 @rodrick1 left a comment for Elena035
Apr 28, 15 at 9:23am
i know this is weird and stuff and blame it on anime. but wow your very pretty. given looks don't matter its personality. but i sure would like to get to know you
Hi I'm star
Mar 09, 15 at 7:51pm
Life sucks when you are a boring person and don't have anything do to. At least when I was in classes I had something to do...granted I hated it but yeah.
Most of the guys I have dated have either been perverts or tried to force themselves on me. I'm a virgin (idc who knows. Personal choice) and I was up front with all of them that I didn't want a relationship if they were going to want to have sex with me without the relationship being serious (I won't have sex until I'm married). Thus the reason I have been since since summer 2012.
Jun 26, 14 at 12:32am
That would be so cool. I barely know any pop culture geeks around me, let alone otaku. Gah...my online friends are all at least 7+ hours away (save like 2 of them). Bleh. .-. We should have like an official Chatsy or something XD