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28 year old Male
Last online about 3 years ago
Orlando, FL
Hiya, my name is Elias, it's nice to meet you. I guess I would say I'm looking for a relationship with someone i can spend my life with. It should be obvious, but I like anime. If I had to say a bit about myself it's that sometimes I tend to be quiet while other times I tend to be a bit outgoing. I tend to be loyal to the people I care about, I try my best to always be honest, and do my best to be humble. Well, if I'm not cracking some form of joke. I Want to get a profession in engineering, but I have been struggling with that lately. I do plan on completing my education though and I will always try to do my best when it comes to something I want. (Couldn't think of a good way to end this description >.>)