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24 year old Male
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May 27, 18 at 9:42am

Hey guys im back please message me really wanna talk to people im kinda lonely because i aint got nobody to listeb toooooo

Feb 20, 18 at 6:47am

Went to my first comic con sunday and met one of the rangers

Jan 17, 18 at 8:07pm

Hey Guys its me again I took a bit of a Hiatus got a new job sorta made an awesome BFF Texting Buddy and Im Back i was Going through my old posts and thinking "Damn" no wonder people stopped talking to me wtf was wrong with me" But i want to say im Genuinely back in a positive light so please send me pms and catch up with me Kinda miss talking to some of you guys :3 and for those of you that dont know me hmu! i respond to all messages!

Sep 02, 16 at 6:51pm

Guys I'm sorry for being g so depressing before. I just need people to talk to I don't have many friends in real life And nobody else really talks to me anywhere

Jul 28, 16 at 11:23pm

Guys I'm seriously in danger of myself I'm not in a good place right now I could use someone anyone

Jun 24, 16 at 12:08pm

Guys seriously I need some help

May 09, 16 at 10:27am

Get dunked ooooon

Neko-chi™ left a comment for Bwehr12
Apr 22, 16 at 11:06pm

oh lmfao i thought you were talking about my state im like huh?

Neko-chi™ left a comment for Bwehr12
Apr 22, 16 at 6:23pm

nah nah it depends where you go idk why but if i go to jacksonville its cooler there but then i come back to orlando and its 85 degrees

Neko-chi™ left a comment for Bwehr12
Apr 01, 16 at 7:03am

i see that sucks....

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