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25 year old Male
Likes: Females
Last online 25 days ago
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Feb 04, 19 at 10:14am

You know Zelda looks nice and all with blonde hair I just really wish he was female it's fit his stature better that brunette link however she's got it going on

((Shit post brought to you by DIO master of ZA WARDUO!!!!!!!!!!! have a muda day!))

May 27, 18 at 9:42am

Hey guys im back please message me really wanna talk to people im kinda lonely because i aint got nobody to listeb toooooo

Feb 20, 18 at 6:47am

Went to my first comic con sunday and met one of the rangers

Jan 17, 18 at 8:07pm

Hey Guys its me again I took a bit of a Hiatus got a new job sorta made an awesome BFF Texting Buddy and Im Back i was Going through my old posts and thinking "Damn" no wonder people stopped talking to me wtf was wrong with me" But i want to say im Genuinely back in a positive light so please send me pms and catch up with me Kinda miss talking to some of you guys :3 and for those of you that dont know me hmu! i respond to all messages!

Sep 02, 16 at 6:51pm

Guys I'm sorry for being g so depressing before. I just need people to talk to I don't have many friends in real life And nobody else really talks to me anywhere

Jul 28, 16 at 11:23pm

Guys I'm seriously in danger of myself I'm not in a good place right now I could use someone anyone

Jun 24, 16 at 12:08pm

Guys seriously I need some help

May 09, 16 at 10:27am

Get dunked ooooon

Neko-chi™ left a comment for Bwehr12
Apr 22, 16 at 11:06pm

oh lmfao i thought you were talking about my state im like huh?

Neko-chi™ left a comment for Bwehr12
Apr 22, 16 at 6:23pm

nah nah it depends where you go idk why but if i go to jacksonville its cooler there but then i come back to orlando and its 85 degrees