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21 year old Female
Last online 7 months ago
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Suzuki @yousonacl left a comment for bxbyheart
Aug 28, 20 at 3:34am
Harro. Add a fellow gamer bro? !YouSoNaCl#8523
rhatalent @rhatalent left a comment for bxbyheart
Aug 05, 20 at 11:11am
current anime or manga that you are reading or watching
bxbyheart @bxbyheart I just started God of Highschool, I read it a long time ago but I don't remember finishing it. I'm also watching others like Demon Slayer, One Piece, Detective Conan, and catching up on Fairytail. Sooo many lol. I'm trying to knock out a bunch
foxfire1337 @foxfire1337 left a comment for bxbyheart
May 08, 20 at 7:02am
what anime is that pic from she so cute XD
bxbyheart @bxbyheart Omg thank you!! It's from one of my favorite anime shows. It's called Kamisama Kiss. The character in my profile picture is actually a side character.
xbarbgv @xbarbgv left a comment for bxbyheart
May 03, 20 at 9:10am
Fuckers at school telling me, always in the barber shop Chief Keef ain’t bout this, Cheif Keef aint bout that My boy a BD on fucking Lamron and them He-he they say that nigga don’t be putting in no work SHUT THE FUCK UP Y'all niggas aint no shit All ya motherfuckers talk about: Chief Keef aint no hitta Chief Keef aint this Chief Keef a fake SHUT THE FUCK UP Y'all don’t agree with that nigga Y'all know that nigga got caught with a ratchet Shootin' at the police and shit Nigga been on probation since fuckin, I don’t know when! Motherfuckers stop fuckin' playin' him like that Them niggas savages out there If I catch another motherfucker talking sweet about Chief Keef Im fucking beating they ass! Im not fucking playing no more You know those niggas role with lil' Reece and them
king @sakuna left a comment for bxbyheart
Dec 05, 19 at 6:09pm
aye got a discord? would love to chat
bxbyheart @bxbyheart Sorry for replying so late, but yes I do! I can message you my tag, if you want?
Ryan @smugryan left a comment for bxbyheart
Nov 02, 19 at 2:40pm
you get a headpat, message me for more virtual headpats
bxbyheart @bxbyheart Yaay! Thank you uwu
Hey! Do you like cats?? Important question.
bxbyheart @bxbyheart I love cats! They’re so cute!!
Hey, nice to meet you and hope we get along!
bxbyheart @bxbyheart Nice to meet you! I hope we get along as well! :^)