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26 year old Female
Last online almost 4 years ago
St.Louis, MO
So um...
For privacy reasons, I decided against posting a picture of myself so I used a picture of my cat after she dried off from a bath. It's a nice picture. Not really looking to so much date someone from here but moreso looking to find people with similar interest and talk. I am a great people person but horrendous when it comes to imitate relationship, so whatever happens happens but talking about interests is just fine by me. I been watching anime ever since I was 5 so am a real og fan. I LOVE video games as well. Currently playing Monster Hunter World, Smite, and Dead by Daylight as my main games for now. Console player becuase if I had PC I'd have no actual life so avoiding that route. Would love to find a gaming buddy as well! I' will updatr this as I go but for now thats all i feel like typing.