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Last online 7 months ago
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arcticsakura @arcticsakura left a comment for Bryan
Oct 18, 20 at 4:31am
Thanks, has it changed a lot? It seems like they've still got quite a few bugs to work out...
Oct 17, 20 at 11:21pm
Damn I rarely come on here. Last post I made was over 2 years ago?
Sep 09, 18 at 7:23pm
Well as of a week ago, my relationship with my girlfriend ended. Nothing bad or drama-filled. I just fell out of love with her. She's cool and sweet and creative and a generally great person. Still friends and we still talk, but we're no longer a couple. So I guess I might be popping on here more to slowly get back into the dating scene. Not exactly my first choice due to past drama on this site, but I'd rather avoid those I had issues with like the black plague.
May 23, 18 at 10:22pm
Just wanted to make a quick update that I am now seeing someone ^_^ (person I initally rejoined this site with was a complete nutcase) I'm still not really using this site. I rarely pop in to look at it.
Yellow Otaku @yellowotaku left a comment for Bryan
Nov 24, 16 at 1:08pm
Yo! Happy Thanksgiving!
"Support" is for those who went "premium" I just did it to support the site and the "<3" is for those who have been here for a long time so yea, there have been some changes here and there
Ah now I remember Thats good to hear ^^
HAHA AWESOME :D wait which one? lol hope work is going well :)
Haha thanks that means alot that you recognized it :D