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Last online over 8 years ago
Hey! My name is Derek, most people call me borsty. I love anime! Obviously :) I am attending Chicago State and majoring in Chemistry; not quite sure what my future career will be, but I believe I will become passionate within that field. My top five animes are Berserk, Trigun, s-CRY-ed, Fruits Basket and Steins Gate. However, I'd say I have more of a top one-thousand ;p I haven't really done any cosplaying though, mainly because I have nobody to go with, I'm the only one of my friends who am an otaku. I am very weird! In the outgoing sort of manner. I'm shy when you first get to know me, but I open up quickly. I'm also very sarcastic, and sweet when I want to be. All in all I'm a pretty fun guy to be around. I'm looking for not only a significant other on here, but also friends, so I don't mind any/all random chit chats :)

Weird random facts:
I get chills when I drive by dead animals on the road
I love crunching the fallen leaves in the Fall,
I say "sounds like a plan" too much,
I want a part wolf (dog) in the future,
I hate stepping on cracks on the sidewalk,
And i have and still want to write a book but still don't know about what yet

If you wanna know more just message me, I only bite a little :)