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Last online 7 months ago
Longtime fan of many geek culture items. Maintain a large collection of anime, manga, and TCG cards. Also, big into technology and science. I have studied history in college. Currently work full time at a juvenile detention center and help judge and organize events at the local game store in my area. I first got into anime back in the late 90s. I would rent and watch Voltron and Macross (RoboTech) a lot. I also enjoyed watching Sailor Moon when it was airing. I remember really taking off when I borrowed a VHS of Magic Knight Rayearth off a female friend. I dove into trading VHS tapes through the mail and started collecting as much as I could. Once manga started being translated and not flipped I started collecting them too. I want to find someone that shares my passions for anime, manga, and wants to talk about interesting topics in life.