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30 year old Female
Last online almost 12 years ago
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Hello! My name is Levi and I'm new to this site and I'm actually disabled as well (I'm not in a wheelchair like you are but I am mentally handicapped as I have High Functioning Autism, ADD, ADHD, and a Partial Complex Seizure Disorder, I would love to get to know you better and possibly become your boyfriend after some time of getting to know you better. I hope you don't mind the fact that I own a car instead of a van because I know it can be harder for wheelchair bound people to get into cars than into vans but its not impossible or unheard of, I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon! =) -Levi P.S. Also the house I live in right now isn't exactly handicapped accessible but I hope we can find a way to make it work between us and figure out a way to get you inside my house.