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Last online 4 months ago
One of the main things I love about anime and manga is that western media doesn't usually give much thought to the interesting and sometimes insane premises that are very common in Japanese fiction. Where else would you find a story in which Pope Benedict XVI faces Adolf Hitler in a deadly game of riichi mahjong? Or one where a science nerd manages to produce a bottle of soda with stone age technology? I love how they can explore very niche concepts, hobbies, or professions, many of which very mundane in nature, and make them interesting and exciting sometimes even more than literal battles to the death. Nothing against action manga and anime, mind, I do like me some of that, but the ones that stick the most in my mind are the ones with bizarre and outlandish premises.

I'm a quiet person: I like to chill alone or with only a few friends rather than go looking for excitement or danger. I'm introverted but not shy: I need my alone time, but I have no problems socialising and making new friends. When I do go out, one of my favourite things to do is going to a classical music concert (haven't been able to do it all that much since the pandemic hit, sadly). I like high brow music and art, but I'm no snob and I can very much enjoy even something that is just fun even if not particularly high quality.

I can make sushi. For now, I can only do onigiri, nigiri, temaki, and a few different kinds of rolls, but I want to learn more.

Some of my favourite manga aren't on this site and are not very well known, sadly.