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Greetings.=(^w^)= My name is Jizabel but, you can call me "Jynx". How are you.=)
Noneya @lovableyui left a comment for b101189
Jun 26, 11 at 2:33am
Hello (^_^)
Apr 04, 11 at 8:04pm
What a hefty list of animes! O_O
Yeah, you're probably right >_< The style looks pretty similar and some of the voices in Clannad sound like they're from Kanon so it's probably the same creator ^_^
I'm watching the beginning of Clannad since I heard a lot of recommendations for it, but I heard it's pretty sad too >_< I liked Kanon 2006 =)
Aww there's nothing wrong with liking romance anime/manga =D so which ones do you like the most?
Pretty good =) So what manga/anime are you into lately?
Hey, welcome to MaiOtaku ^_^ how are you?