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Jan 04, 23 at 9:45am
I'm back!
matthew_s @matthew_s left a comment for antabaka
Feb 12, 22 at 9:23am
Hey , I really enjoyed No Game No Life too, I have two figures :)
elai66 @elai66 left a comment for antabaka
Sep 08, 21 at 9:52pm
Why is your name so mean :(
AND she's in a five guys :O what a total thick babe
This seems like a chill and open place c: so I was curious for STORYTIME! what're the craziest, most unusual situation you've fallen for someone or been in a relationship that couldn't work for some reason beyond your control? Any stories like this really I'll start... My first 'seerrrioous' ish relationship was with someone who was a big gamer growing up, and continued to be, like the 'epic gamer' cliche, thankfully fortnite wasn't a thing then lol. But we really clicked, he was a little older than me – but he never seemed to grow up, want to better themselves etc.. He ended up not moving out of his folks' place and noticably got more on an ego-trip, as though he was online and so on.. This would end up being unleashed against me too.. He wasn't a youtuber or doing it professionally or anything, but he was friends with those kind of people and always tried to suck up to them etc. He'd end up talking trash online and bringing it offline, really made me feel insecure about my body because it became increasingly clear he had issues with what was acceptable in a CoD lobby back then, and what you could say to your partner :/ sooooo not great. I was too nice to end it myself, being naieve and too kindly for my own good.. so I wound up doing it amicably, and he more or less emotionally manipulated me, or tried to at least, for some time after (I ended up deleting social media, for other reasons). Especially about my body, because it's a cheap reaction, and expressing that what we had was 'too rare to give up'. Idk, sometimes connection can feel that way, but it can also be a manipulative move. Threatening suicide however is definitely a manipulative move however!!!! Big red flag.. Thank you to all of you on here who have been sweet about my cos pics c': really helped my self esteem a lot after this experience (years back now) gave it some knocks! \(^-^)/ TLDR: watch out for people who wanna remain kids forever, they might be older than you too, but red flag for anyone really!!