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41 year old Male
Last online over 6 years ago
Dumfries, VA
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I'm enjoying talking to ppl here too. Even though I'm one of the few that live in the UK it's still nice to get to know others that have the same interests as you :)
I do tend to disappear for days though; mainly due to work. When I get back I'm just so tired I can't be bothered to go online lol!


Thanks for the request Carl :)
How are you finding the site so far?

danidc26 @danidc26 left a comment for animefan2099
Jul 05, 14 at 9:17am

Hi! That's cool, where did you live? I see you teach photoshop. I could use a class on it, I'm a photoshop newb lol. You can do so much with it I have a hard time picking what I want.

Jul 04, 14 at 6:58am

hi :) thank you for the invitation and welcome on the site xD


My name is Carl! I'm new here. I can't wait to meet my fellow Anime fans out there! I'm looking for a woman to share my love of Japanese Animation with!

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Feb 14-16