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Last online almost 9 years ago
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May-chan @kahmunlai left a comment for anime_angel
Jul 29, 13 at 1:50am

-sigh- I remember my first anime crush....DeiDei ( - w - )

aguro @aguro left a comment for anime_angel
Aug 11, 11 at 1:38pm

pq a maioria dos americanos são obesos?Vai se saber!

Jun 11, 11 at 7:15pm

thanks for accepting me as a friend!

May 07, 11 at 8:29pm

hi wanna be friends

bikky_s @bikky_s left a comment for anime_angel
Apr 04, 10 at 3:23pm

heh, thanks alot. Sasuke is a fun cosplay. I was going to go to another convention in Ohio this year but sadly I don't have the money to go so my friends and I are going to cosplay outside lol I'm going to be an urbanized Sasuke so I still blend in with the city people ^_^".


Hello. I love your profile. One question though;Don't you watch Bleach and/or One Piece.

Dec 30, 09 at 10:45pm

Oh yes ^^ I forgot, ten stars for Animal lover XD. I love animals too. Most people who see me with them think I'm good with them. I want to get and train a parrot someday too.

Dec 30, 09 at 10:43pm

Hey thanks for the request, I know I've been absent for a while though so forgive the late acceptance ^^. And Thanks Kakashi is my role model and hero so to speak. I'm not very far in my stories yet, I'm good at creation but motivation to put on paper is my problem at the moment lol ^^;.

_ @themoonkitty left a comment for anime_angel
Dec 24, 09 at 5:49am

<Center><font color="purple">Welcome to MaiOtaku!!!<BR>
You've just received a random moonkitty hello =^-^=<BR>
NYAH!! </center></font>

Closed @tafa left a comment for anime_angel
Dec 13, 09 at 10:24am

I got really excited when I saw someone's profile was a cockatiel! I have a cockatiel and a lovebird. So, how's it going?

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