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30 year old Female
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brenten87 @brenten87 left a comment for angelface29
Jun 18, 20 at 9:07pm
Just here to find someone to chat with 嗨 GIF - Tangled FlynnRider Hi GIFs
Jun 18, 20 at 12:12pm
Good taste in anime you got there, I'm a fan of a lot of stuff from the 70's and 80's myself...but mainly mecha anime since I've always been big into mecha. Personally wing isn't my favorite gundam series but I did enjoy it. :0
hi i'm interested in learning japanese and i've started with the oral but i'm having a bit of trouble figuring out the kanji, you said in a forum to message you in your inbox i'm not entirely sure where that is but hoping here is ok too... ummm hi. do you have any ideas? :0
So, I find that a series is strong when people can love it and laugh at it at the same time. My favorite abridged series are Dragonball Z Abridged and Escaflowne Abridged (BEEFCAKE!! For those of you who have seen it). What is your favorite abridged series?
Gene Starwind has one of the best character names ever. I have the complete series. Who's your favorite character?