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32 year old Male
Last online 1 minute ago
Heya! My name is Tyler, and I've been a huge anime fan for years. I've been going to the same con every year since high school haha. I check out most anime genres, including some...questionable anime that are so bad it's like watching a train wreck. You know it's horrible, but you just can't stop watching, you know?

I also love watching vtubers. I mainly watch hololive ^^ Mumei and Fauna are my favorites!

I also love playing video games! Mostly RPGs and Platformers and whatnot! I mainly play on PS5 and Nintendo Switch, and dabble a little in PC gaming. I also play a few gacha games haha.

If ya wanna know any more, DM me! I'd be happy to get to know you guys ^^
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