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28 year old Male
Last online over 10 years ago
Although this space is for information about me, I feel hesitant to fill it because that would get rid of half the fun of meeting someone, I of coarse speak of the process of "getting to know" someone. But if necessary then I should say I am a man of simple interests whom can manage to find joy in most situations, but I try to say within the realm of the reasonable with it. I am normally calm of mind and have a all around hold on my emotions, but I'd by lying if I said I was always happy. I get angry and sad like others do and should. I am open to criticism as long as it's constructive and not just for the sake of pointing out wrong. With that, these are all the basic things I can think of for the time being, if there is anything you wish to know ask away for I'm an open book on most subjects.