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*slicks back hair*
Which way is the wind blowing?
*smiles and offers a hand*
To the future!

I am Alistair!
Born in the year of the Iron Sheep and month of the Lunar Fish. I travel the world looking for the other half of my soul, combating the taint and evil within the hearts of those I encounter until my soul has been repaired.

I hail from the United territories of 'Murica. I am an Anime freak, not quite actual Otaku stage.

I am of average height, an inch short of 6ft on my bare feet. Any taller and those who hunt me would surely be able to spot me in a crowd.

My hair is milk choco brown, my eyes hazel. But under a full moon my hair drains of its color and eyes glow with the purple light of chaos.

I am not too into sports, but I do own a treadmill and some dumbbells. I must burn off the stored fat and build my muscles up to defend the world and defeat any who stand in my way. Currently 230 lbs with a size 36 waist.

As I said before, I am searching for the other half of my soul, trapped in a female human form. I know not what likeness she holds, but it is not the form of the body she resides in, but the spirit and personality that is held in the highest of considerations!

Hopefully, someday we will meet, in the meantime I will find and gather many strong and brave heroes to join me in my quest to save the world.Heroes who will join me in conventions and cosplay functions when we are able to go to matching events.

Also, I am not Chuunibyou. I just figured that would work best here.... Anyways. Lets chat and have fun!
I am 420 friendly. I am open minded, kind and from what most people tell me I am a Goober. I would like to make friends, maybe find romance. Who knows.
*holds up two fingers* V!