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29 year old Male
Last online almost 3 years ago
Adairsville, GA
Kik: Evantelico
Snapchat: Evantelico
Instagram: akevantelico91
Tumblr: evantelico.tumblr.com
Steam: Eldritchshy
Skype: audiencekillerevantelico91

Fillies FYI smoking is a big turn off for me. Just letting it be known.
I like tall fillies sometimes.
I prefer to avoid fillies that already have foals)(dating wise), but still feel free to talk to me.

Short summary:
22. Male. Single. Sept 11th.
Otaku. Anime . Manga . Artist. Poet. Brony . Inflator. Friendly. Gamer. Sweet. ADHD. Student. Caretaker. Virgo. Straight. Caring. Fun.

Long summary:
My name is Trey Logan. I love anime and manga. I'm a big otaku. I am straight too. :3
If there is anything else you want to know please ask me. :D
I'm a 22 yr old guy. Brown hair and hazel eyes. Love anime and manga. I draw, and write poetry. I wear glasses, also my lip is pierced and my ears are stretched. :3
I will RP if you ask.

Nickname: Evantelico
Grade: Sophomore in College
Birthday:September 11, 1991
Fav colors: sliver, gold, black and red
Fav food: Just any about anything! :D
Hair color: Medium-Dark Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Favorite animals: Fox and Snake
I'm into: animals, anime(duh), bowling, reading, drawing ( i have a deviantart :D (Deviantart), school, music (love listening to it), hanging with buds, having fun, RPing, inflation (mainly belly inflation), cuddling, and loving.

I am Brony. I love hanging out with my friends. I somewhat of an avid convention goer (mostly anime) and I try to cosplay whenever I get the chance. I like to bowl on occasion.
I love playing video games usually on PC through Steam. FPS and MMOs. I am an avid attendee of Anime Weekend Atlanta every year.
Currently attending Georgia Highlands College over at the Floyd Campus in Rome, Ga.
I do have piercing, herp derp, 2 snakebites, 1 labret and my ears are stretched to 1". (It bugs me when ponies say that their ears are gauged or that they are gauging them. You ears are stretched and are stretching them. Gauge refers to the size.)

I do have a job. I work at home being a caregiver to my physical disabled little brother that has Cerebral Palsy. I love him to death. I don't make a lot, but hay I do make something.

I'm working on trying to form a band, my clean vocals are okay but I can scream decently well.